Quality Warehouse Experience

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Our global cold chain logistics experience includes temperature-controlled storage, processing, boxing, labeling, exporting and additional specialized services. We specialize in small lots, case picking, order preparation, special markings. We handle a diverse range of product with integrity driven expertise in warehouse management, inventory control, accurate temperature management, pick & pack, fulfillment and exporting.  QRS offers extensive processing services in our Quality Processing Services division.  This provides our customers with a total solution for efficient and effective processing solutions which can be discussed and implemented with our team of experts. Our quality warehousing ultimately provides superior end-product integrity by maximizing shelf life and computer controlled, energy efficient technology.  We are proud to be midwest's specialized warehouse provider offering a multi-level experience based on your company's needs.


All of our facilities incorporate the latest industry standards and operate under strict USDA & HACCP guidelines. All of our warehouses and processing plants are USDA established and certified facilities.  This vital competent attention provides our customers with the confidence and assurance of facility and product integrity.  We are committed to superior fulfillment and consumer delivery.