Quality PROCESSING Experience

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Our Quality Processing Services Division quickly erupted as a unique Co-processor | Co-Manufacturing supplier in 2003. We specialize in meat of all types, including: beef, poultry, pork, etc. QPS is acclaimed and endorsed for delivering premium quality, hand cut steaks. We are simply becoming elite in this part of the industry and hand it to our committed team of professionals that esteem our existing customer base. Our robust technology, innovative on-site facilities combined with our committed talented team of personnel create an engaged atmosphere focused on exceptional product handling.   

Our quality warehousing ultimately provides superior begining to end-product integrity by maximizing shelf life and computer controlled, energy efficient technology.  Because of our equipment, there are pound minimums for our production. We are proud to be midwest's specialized meat processing provider offering a multi-level experience based on your company's needs. We’ve embraced multiple challenges of adding new products and will consider any ideas from customers.


All of our facilities incorporate the latest industry standards and operate under strict USDA & HACCP guidelines. All of our warehouses and processing plants are USDA established and certified facilities.  This vital competent attention provides our customers with the  confidence and assurance of facility and product integrity.  We are committed to superior fulfillment and consumer delivery.   
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